Our Mission

Confucius is the world’s first language-learning platform that makes use of our proprietary and patent-pending multi-sided flashcard to not simply digitize flashcard studying, but disrupt and innovate the flashcard mechanism itself, which by extension enhances efficacy and efficiency.


Our Story

Within the first few days of arriving to Colgate's campus, co-founders Bennett and Jocey met in their freshman seminar and quickly bonded over their love for the gym, politics, and learning Chinese. After countless hours spent studying Chinese in the library, the two figured there had to be a more effective — and, importantly, more efficient way — of studying the language. 

In 2021, inspired by the move to hybrid learning and online assignments (which effectively eliminated the handwriting component), the pair drafted initial mockups of the Confucius app — a platform tailored to the Chinese learning experience that allows students to learn Chinese characters, their pinyin, and English meaning in a more dynamic environment. After arriving back on campus for senior year, they prepared a pitch deck and were determined to gain a late acceptance into Colgate's Thought-Into-Action incubator program.


Their participation into Colgate's year-long incubator has been met with success, ample opportunities to learn, and, ultimately, a better product for users. They are looking forward to launching their app prior to the start of the 2022-23 school year.  

Meet The Team


Bennett Morris

Bennett is a senior at Colgate University majoring in International Relations and Chinese

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Jocelyn Shilakes

Jocelyn is a senior at Colgate University majoring in Political Science and Chinese

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