Chinese, simplified.

Comprehensive, customizable, and centralized: Confucius serves all of your Chinese studying needs, just in time for your next assessment.

What is Confucius?

Confucius is a language-learning flashcard app that introduces patent-pending technology to enhance the study, learning, and retention of non-Latin languages through three central tenants: multi-sided flashcards, handwriting recognition, and a native marketplace.

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Multi-sided Flashcards

Confucius' proprietary, patent-pending multi-sided flashcard template allows users to experience language-learning in its most comprehensive form — one side for each component of a Chinese word (character, pinyin, translation).

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Native marketplace

The Confucius app features a native market place of pre-populated flashcard decks corresponding with your in-class textbooks, or Confucius' own learning programs.

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Handwriting Recognition

Confucius has integrated space for handwriting characters in an iterative, e-flashcard format — think spell check for Chinese.